TTMIK Book Level 2 available!


As many of you already know, we have been working on publishing our content in book format and we are very happy to tell you that both our Level 1 book and Level 2 book are fully published and available in major bookstores across Korea. If you are not in Korea, you can still order it from our store, MyKoreanStore and have it delivered to your house through international shipping.

Watch the video above to take a look at what the book looks like and hear what Hyojin and Seokjin say about the book. And you can order your copy here:


  • Maria

    I’m curious about this book….and i really want buy. But wanna know if the lesson (topic) is the same of PDF? Thank you for your attention.

    • The lesson is mainly similar to the lessons in the web site but more expressions and examples are added.

  • Hi guy’s… honestly I want buy the book, but I don’t have a lot of money to order it so I just made by self with download all the lesson in level 2. 🙂

  • Rocio

    이번 주말에 교보에 책을 찾아요!! ^^ I can’t wait for the upper levels to be released ㅋㅋ

  • Estelle

    I bought the first one already! I’m going to see if i like them first before buying this one though, but if they’re as fun and informative as your lessons online I’m sure I’ll love it! 🙂
    Thanks a lot, this website is helping me a lot, I’m going to Korea next year so hopefully I’ll learn a lot and make some friends!


  • Aliff

    Ohh I wish I could buy this book! I’m absolutely love it! It’s really colourful and full with graphics. But honestly, I couldn’t buy this book yet! I’m still 15. Right now, I’m learning Korean with you. Gamsahamnida TTMIK team for making this amazing site (and the book too!) 🙂

  • Thanuli

    Hey, thx so much the book looks amazing! I ordered it about a week ago and i was wondering how long it would take to be delivered, i live in Australia 😉 감사합니다!

  • hey guys thx so much for this book but i was just wondering how long would it take to ship from Korea to Australia?? I ordered the book about last week 🙂 감사합니다!

  • Patrick

    Hey, do you guys know if “What the Book?” in Itaewon has it? Your lessons are awesome.

  • Just placed an order for both level one and two!
    I’m excited, even though I have learned with lessons from a different source I feel like this is going to help me more! I love having a physical book to learn from. If I love them (I know I will keke) I’ll order whatever books are published from now until May~ So I can study overseas. 😀 So exciteddddd. Thanks for these opportunities TTMIK.

  • Alo

    I cannot find this book anymore, do you think you will publish it again ?

    • Seokjin Jin

      We have some issue with the book but it is hard to tell the detail. I am sorry fot that.