Korean Expressions for Cloudy Weather


여러분, 오늘 날씨 어때요? How is the weather today? Is it sunny and clear? Or is it a little bit overcast? In today’s video lesson, 현우 and 효진 introduce some Korean expressions that you can use about cloudy weather.

Here are the expressions used in the video:

날씨가 흐려요. [nal-ssi-ga heu-ryeo-yo.] = The weather is cloudy/overcast.
하늘이 흐려요. [ha-neu-ri heu-ryeo-yo.] = The sky is cloudy/overcast.
구름이 많아요. [gu-reu-mi ma-na-yo.] = There’s a lot of clouds.
구름이 많이 꼈어요. [gu-reu-mi ma-ni kkyeo-sseo-yo.] = There’s a lot of clouds.
날씨가 안 좋아요. [nal-ssi-ga an jo-a-yo.] = The weather is not good.
비가 올 것 같아요. [bi-ga ol geot ga-ta-yo.] = It looks like it’s going to rain.
관절이 쑤셔요. [gwan-jeo-ri ssu-syeo-yo.] = My joints ache.

What other expressions would you like to know how to say about cloudy weather in Korean? Let us know in the comments! 감사합니다!

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  • 안녕하세요,선생님들:)
    저는 대만에서 한국어를 배우고 있는 아이다예요.
    요즘에는 한국말을 배우고 있는데 질문을 생겼어요.

    “… 척하다.” (pretend)
    Ex: Although I could not understand what she was talking, I just pretended that I got what she meant.

    이 문법은 어떻게 사용해요?
    선생님, 설명해 주세요.^^
    영어로 도 괜찮아요:)


  • jinseokjin

    I am enjoying your videos in Sydney, Australia. It is so fun and good! I hope you guys keep going!

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      선생님들 친짜 호주에 왔어요? 그러면 우리 만날래요!

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    오늘은 날씨가 흘리고 저 진짜 날씨를 좋아해요.


    • ss

      i’m not korean, this is my try
      오늘은 날씨가 흘린데, 제가 그 날씨를 진짜 좋아해요.

  • andrea

    Thank you for the interesting video. I’m making a note on things related to rain, is there any terms for ‘thunder storm’ or ‘rain storm’ ? Thank you ^^

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    잘 들었어요. 고마워요.

    그런데, 현우 씨, 그런 젊은 나이에 벌써 몸에 날씨가 변하는 것을 느낄 수 있다면 무슨 이상이 있는 거 아니에요? 아무리 산전수전 껶었어도 백발이나 대머리 될 때까지 아니면 주름이 많이 생길 때까지 제발 나이 들었다는 소리 하지 말아 주세용 – 그렇지 않다면 난 가만이 있지 않을 거다잉! ㅋㅋ 난 그 소릴 듣고 내 자신에 대해 벌써 죽었다고 생각이 드니까요

  • rigo

    wow so many expressions to say one thing
    as always is fun to see these videos
    have a nice weekend

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    오늘은 날씨가 맑고 더워요. 여기에서 비가 왔으면 좋겠어요.

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    i love you guys, keep going till your end!!

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    I love you guys, keep going till your end!!!

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    I am from Indonesia….,, Talk to me in korean Is Good!…. I like Hanguk, hangul, Gamsahamnida..

  • 선생님들 전 레벨 1 부터 레벨 8 까지 다 들었는데 아직은 한국어 못해요 어떻가니야 전 바보 같았어요 진짜 포기싶다 그리고 처음부터 지금까지 선생님 진짜로 고마워요 ><

  • Sally Brightman

    What a pity, I was waiting for Korean Drama Phrases! Hyojin-unni, be honest with Hyunwoo in this video (lol), please. Oh! I forgot: Kyunhwa-nim is the one who scolds him. lol By the way, Hyojin looks sooo cute with that outfit. Keep teaching this way, teachers 🙂

  • Jenny

    What about teaching us how to express in 4 seasons, example Winter – Winter is very cold… or Raining – how should we express in Heavy rain, storming …. Thanks

  • kim

    how do to say ‘i love the weather today !’ in korean…kamsahamnida!

  • kim

    can i just say naneun nalssiga saranghaeyo?…please i need ur response..kamsahmnida!

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