HaruKorean June Updates!


We are bringing some updates to HaruKorean.com, our 1:1 correction service this month. You will now see some dictation exercises, as well as more TalkToMeInKorean content on HaruKorean.com. Watch the video to listen to Kyeong-eun explain in Korean. Both Korean and English subtitles are available for this video. We hope you find this video useful for learning too!

Thank you as always for studying with us! 감사합니다!

If you don’t know what HaruKorean is, you can read our introduction here : )


  • That’s great keep the updates coming…I really can’t wait for he update of a Payment Option though 🙁 it’s not coming sooner than all of these other ones, these ones are important but a different Payment Option would allow others to use HaruKorean 🙁 hope you have not forgotten about us!!! E-mails still not being replied to 🙁 waiting and waiting no reply 🙁

    –>>Kimberley Melissa Jones <<–

  • I agree !!! I too have emailed them and have had no reply 🙂 very sad