HaruKorean Update Version 1.1


We are continuously working on making HaruKorean better, so you can learn more efficiently. As we add new features to the site, we will keep you updated through these update report videos so you can make the most out of HaruKorean. Changes in version 1.1 are: Masters’ Lounge concept, enhanced profile page, and TTMIK Level 2 published at HaruKorean.

Thank you so much for studying with us!! ^_^

감사합니다! Have a good 하루!

  • Thats great but I want to be able to use HaruKorean but you only allow PayPal when can we start using Mastercards to pay for subscriptions.

    But that is great hope to use it soon ^_^

    TTMIK u rock

    • Maciej

      AFAIK, you can just create a PayPal accout and upon clicking the Subscribe button, PayPal will ask you (since you will have no funds on your account) to enter credit card information so you can pay.

      I hope you found this useful.

  • Thats great but I want to be able to use HaruKorean but you only allow PayPal when can we start using Mastercards to pay for subscriptions.

    But aside from not being able to use it that is great hope to use it soon ^_^

    TTMIK u rock

    • Like Maciej wrote above, you can select to use your credit card. Please let me know if it still doesn’t work. Thank you so much ^_^

  • Great! I LOVE HaruKorean ! ^^

  • Nice updates so far. I do have a question though:

    I am still confused about the points for corrections by native speakers and trusted teachers. If the first sentence per lesson is corrected by a native speaker first (and I get +1 point), does that block out any chance of getting the +2 points for sentences corrected by trusted teachers? Or does that mean there is a chance of 3 points total for corrected sentences per lesson?

    If the above is correct, does that mean there is a total of 6 possible points per lesson (1 for completing the lesson, 2 for sharing, 1 for first native speaker correction, and 2 for trusted teacher correction)?

    I don’t think I have ever been corrected by a trusted teacher yet, so I haven’t been able to test any of this out myself. Still, I look forward to learning more on ttmik and harukorean! You’ve made a great, affordable service.

    • Additionally, for lessons already completed (sentences written in the past, say last week), do you receive points for adding new sentences each day?

      When you go to the lessons, it says:
      “Get 1 point a day for writing a sentence for this lesson.” When I write new sentences (having not written any for that lesson for the day), I do not receive any additional points. I was just curious so I tested it, and that was the result despite what it says on the page itself.

    • Jennifer, thank you so much for using HaruKorean! ^_^ I’m glad you like it! Let me answer your questions here.

      There aren’t many people we have granted with the “trusted teacher” title since the site is still so young, but they can make the ‘maximum’ points you get for a sentence “2 points”. So if a regular native speaker gave you 1 point with correction, a “trusted teacher” can make your total point “2” if it’s a good sentence regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect.

      Also, you can get 1 point per lesson per day : ) So if you write 100 sentences for the same lesson, you will only get one point for ‘finishing that lesson’, that day. And only the first sentence for that lesson, for that day can get a point from correction 🙂

    • This Just In

      Although “lesson finished” and “sharing” points are granted immediately, points for the sentence itself are granted at the time of correction.

  • Jenna

    Look forward to learning Korean

  • Olivia

    I’m glad you guys are having so much success 🙂 you guys are really helpful and I love your sites ㅋㅋㅋ 고마워요!

  • JW

    I love the site and I’ve been trying to study hard there even though I’m pretty busy lately.

    The new changes are great, but I do have a suggestion for a feature to be added to HaruKorean.com

    Sometimes when I get sentence corrections, I still have further questions about the correction. For example, once I wrote a sentence saying that I would do something using “I” as 저. I then got corrections from someone saying I should use 제가 and someone else saying I should use 내가. So I was then confused as to what was the difference and which one I should use. There’s been multiple things like this for me.

    I think it would be cool if there was some way we could reply directly to the teacher’s correction if we have a question.. aside from like, spamming their profile, haha

    But the site is great, I’m enjoying it, and I appreciate everyone’s hard work.

    Hopefully you will consider my suggestion 😀

    • I like this suggestion, that would make it more helpful and interactive.
      I haven’t signed up yet on hanukorean, but is it possible there to ask questions instead of sample sentences? (without getting points)
      for example, they often introduce words in the lessons that are different from the dictionary words for the same meaning, and I’d like to ask when to use which one…

    • JW, thanks for the suggestion!! : ) We are also aware of the necessity to make it easier for people to communicate more easily “within” a certain sentence or page. We will work on this in the future.

      For now, we encourage native speakers to provide some explanation along with the correction. Thank you^^!!

    • This Just In

      Also for now, you may ask for clarification in the comments section on the sentence correction page. Native speakers have been replying to questions there as well.

  • Phil

    Thanks for HaruKorean, it is awesome!

    I hope for an alternative to e-mail notifications though! (RSS?) Because I have 30 notifications in my inbox and it is really annoying or rather overwhelming.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    • Hi Phil, thank you for the comment! We’re currently working on giving the users the option to not receive any email notifications. Thank you for your patience and we hope to have that function very soon on the site ^^

  • I have several suggestions regarding both usability and the point system.

    1. I totally agree with JW that the current way of checking sentences is not very convenient. When you browse the history (I mean Sentences section), It would be more convenient if the sentences would be displayed from the oldest one to the newest one. At the moment they’re mixed as recently checked sentence goes to the top and you have a hard time finding out the ones you’ve already browsed for the corrections. It would be nice if you could sort out the sentences, e.g. “by time”, “by corrections”, “by comments” etc.

    Also, it’s not possible to track the comments and you have to look through the whole bunch of sentences manually to find out which one has the “Comments” mark. i know that you get a notification when the sentence is corrected to the email, but as Phil said, you get a bunch of emails at once (~30 at one time). Moreover, some teachers correct old sentences (which have already been corrected by other teachers) prior to checking the new ones. I can’t say on behalf of others, but as for me, I just delete all these 30 notification mails at once so that I could see other emails that are coming into my box.

    One more inconvenience. If someone is writing in your page, you get a “Private message” notification. You reply on this person’s page and that’s it) You don’t know when he replies to you. You have to go to this person’s page to check. Thus, it would be nice if you can “reply” to his message (like in YouTube) and get a notification when your message has been “replied” as well. The same goes with your own page. You can see the comments only by clicking on your avatar. If you go to My page, you won’t see what people wrote there.

    2. About the point system. It’s not fair enough to all users I think. E.g., those who tried hard to get a prize in November (wasn’t me^^) and wrote the sentences to every lesson every single day will start with a lower position in December. Though every person would start from 0 points, those who joined HaruKorean in December would definitely have an advantage over those who joined in November as for every lesson they’ll get at least 2 points, while the November users onle 1 (as they’ve already finished the lesson in a previous month). Also, some of the people (like me) don’t have the access to the Internet all the time. Thus they physically can’t write over 80+ sentences every day and they’re automatically out of the race. Which brings me to another suggestion. Why don’t you post something like quizes or tasks which require your creativity to earn additional points. E.g., you can have a writing challenge to make a short story about smth using the structures we have studied. After everyone finished and submitted their stories, each of the Users can vote for the best story (not for his own, of course), and basing on the number of votes, each of the participant would have a corresponding number of points.

  • Sara

    I agree that the point system is hard for people with legitimate internet and time constraints. My idea would be to have a point goal for each month, and everyone who earns that many points could be entered in a drawing for the monthly prize. If the point goal was high enough, it would still only reward the students who are working really hard, but it would make it more realistic for the many people who work very hard, but have limitations. But just an idea 🙂 I love the site!

  • Lea Doremi

    hope you will also post a lesson into your facebook page… i also trying to listen to itunes podcast but i find it hard to cope up with the pronunciation… thanks….

  • Garrett

    Hey, I have an idea for harukorean.com. You should have some function where you have to correct your own mistakes that you made after a teacher corrected it. It could work something like this: You’ll be given a sentence you originally wrote and based on a teacher’s correction and the part you have wrong is underlined. You have to correct your underlined part in order to get it right. Being quizzed like that will prevent me from messing up the same way again and again.