HaruKorean.com is now live!


The long wait is over! HaruKorean is finally here!!! What about TalkToMeInKorean? Don’t worry! TalkToMeInKorean.com’s free Korean lessons will only get better through the support coming in for HaruKorean.com! What is HaruKorean.com? Well, a video is worth a thousand text posts. Please watch  the video for more details. 감사합니다!

  • 감사합니다 TTMIK !!!!

    Looking forward to HaruKorean.com


    Thanks for all your hard work ^^

  • jennylml

    Aiya… I’m not the first one to report here.

  • 수봉 in 구미


  • 에리카

    감사합니다! 좋아요!

  • Samier


    사용 할 거에요~~~ 좋겠어요 ^^


  • yuri

    good job
    i wish the best for u guys

  • I am curious about the logo…

  • 가입했습니다! 잘 부탁합니다. 🙂

  • Miso

    So you took the free http://www.lang8.com idea, but are charging money for it?

    • And thats a problem why?

    • Jacob Roller

      Not a problem, but I am not fond of having to pay for journals when I can write them for free elsewhere. Plus, not a big fan of TTMIK and their lessons.

    • Well, you might look at it that way, but it’s actually not what it is : ) You have lessons updated everyday and you are guided to study with them and make sentences based on those lessons, instead of just having to write in a blank text box. Plus you are guaranteed to get corrections from native speakers 🙂

    • Jacob Roller

      Sorry man. Lang-8 is infinitely better than Haru Korean. The people you hired to correct on Haru Korean won’t even respond to you in Korean. It makes you feel dumb. Plus Lang-8 is free and I have never had a problem getting good corrections on my writing.

      I also like the blank textbox feeling. It is much simpler than your overly flashy website.

    • mishmash

      Miso : The lang8 site is good but has it’s own flaws. Corrections can be made by anyone and I’ve seen horrendous corrections done by the supposed ‘native speakers’.

    • Jacob Roller

      Never had a problem getting first rate corrections on lang-8. On average, I get at least 7 different corrections on each writing sample, and it is nice to have a variety of opinions, especially when you are beyond making elementary grammatical errors.

  • Ginie

    I think this is a nice extension to the ttmik site.
    I love the sloth logo though I’m not sure to understand what it is supposed to mean about the HaruKorean site or its users ^___^
    Thank you very much for all your hard work 🙂

  • Bobbi

    Haru is just an expansion of TTMIK right? Like a TTMIK+… you will still be updating this site w/ lessons & videos?…

  • Pooh

    This is going to be great!! 감사합니다..

  • 은우

    This site looks amazing! But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to pay for it as of yet. As a university student in debt without much money, I don’t know if this site will be worth it, as I often don’t have time to practice Korean during the school year, aside from my Korean classwork, and I’m afraid that if I pay for the site I won’t be able to use it and will have to cancel my subscription.

    Has TTMIK thought of making a kind of beta of this site? Or alternatively, I wouldn’t mind if the site was chock-a-block full of advertisements. Otherwise, I would probably be paying for a service which I won’t be able to use =(

    Great Idea though, best of luck. Maybe during the summer I’ll sign up.

    • Miso

      You can just use the service for free at http://www.lang8.com. You can write whatever you want and get it checked out by native Korean speakers.

  • Kei

    WOW! Haru Korean looks super awesome. 😀 And it’s soo cheap! You guys are amazing for doing this~ Thank you so much!!

  • 미미

    선생님들이 고맙습니다 그리고 화이팅 ^^

  • godnomoon

    I’m confused with the registration part .
    After receiving the confirmation email , i tried to sign in on harukorean.com and seemed to be unsuccessful . Also , is there any details about the payment ?

    • godnomoon

      oh its okay now 🙂

  • Arkan

    I can’t wait to start.
    thank you very much

  • Well, i’m a HaruKorean subcriber, and the service is pretty good. Go ahead! it’s going to be very useful to you korean learning experience.

    First I buy and 1 month subcription only for re pay in some mode all the effort from the TTMIK team made to us for free, but actually HaruKorean it’s too much efectivly and i think that’s will be my new homepage xD

    Sorry for bad english, an Hyunwoo, now it’s only updated with Level 1 D:! someday harukorean will be synchronized with the ttmik lessons? it’s more confortly leave comments there xD

  • Joshua Iyamu

    I’m learning soo much from TTMIK! If I keep this up, maybe I can go to Korea and speak fluently…..

    P.S. Thats my future dream!!!!!!!

  • Karla

    Its a good idea!!
    I will ask my father to subscribe me in harukorean.com….
    I hope that he agree!

  • Francis

    Congratulations TTMIK for HaruKorean.com.

    Yes. Why the sloth as logo?

    Thank you.

    • Ester

      There is one Iyagi lesson that they talk about laziness… and they say that laziness can be a good thing since it means you spend your time doing what you like first.. I guess that’s why they made the logo a sloth (symbol for laziness) haha..

    • Francis

      Nice insight Ester. Cheers!

  • Ana

    Oh, so bad for me. 🙁
    I’m from Persia so I can’t have a paypal account and I’m very eager to learn Korean by the corrections offered in HaruKorean. :,(
    But I’m not losing my hope. I’ll be definitely continuing to learn Korean with TTMIK!!
    Thanks for all your efforts once again!

    • What kind of online payment is common over there in persia?

    • Ana

      Well,it is sort of limited. Each website accepts online payment from accounts of a few internal banks. You know, because Iran is under embargo.

    • Ana

      But anyway nothing can stop me from learning Korean!

  • 렛스리

    Wow you work very hard ! I’m inspired 🙂 Thank you !

  • Ester

    on harukorean i think you guys have mistaken the dates for the prizes…
    it says 31 dec – 1 dec trip to korea.
    what is the right period??
    thanks~ the website is fun!!

  • michael


    I think you should allow a user to check out how the website works before subscribing to it.
    This can be done easily: you can for example allow a small number (3, 5, 10?) of lessons to be fully enjoy for free by anyone.
    In this way somebody who may be doubtful about subscribing to the site could make up is mind and decide either to subscribe to it or not.
    There are a lot of resources on the web to learn korean, TTMIK being one of the best (if not the best!) I have come across so far.
    And http://www.lang-8.com already offers “sentence correction” for free.
    So I think it would be fair for a user to have the possibility to check what it should pay for.

    This is not a critic, just a suggestion.

    • Ester

      In terms of content, HaruKorean is about 90% free.
      People who don’t pay can see all the sentences and corrections from the people who paid. Even though there are a few lessons for paid subscribers only, you can check the sentences from those lessons and still learn that way.

      What you pay for is only to write your own sentences, for that other 10% of content and a chance to compete for prizes. Why would people pay? Because writing your sentences make you remember better and the competition for prizes is a motivation to study harder. I don’t think you need a free trial to decide if you want to write sentences or not. That is simply something you either want or don’t want to do for $6 bucks.
      I think they made it quite straightforward and it’s a pretty good deal for people who pay and don’t.
      I totally think your suggestion is valid, but just wanted to share my opinion too. : )

    • michael

      Hi Ester,
      your comment is definitely valid as well, and I do agree that $6 is a very small amount for a month of service.
      Your comment “That is simply something you either want or don’t want to do for $6 bucks” is simply spot-on.

      Maybe my suggestion was misunderstood or I didn’t express it clearly.
      Basically a lot of the websites which have some kind of subscription plan, allow the user to check out the website before actually subscribing to it, either by a free trial period (one-two weeks) or by providing some of the content free of charge (usually the basic things).
      I think HaruKorean should consider doing the same thing, it’s something like “being fair to the user from the very beginning”.

      My comment is not about the money (I live in Korea and I have a Korean wife, so I am not planning to use HaruKorean anyway). It’s more about “relationship fairness”.

  • AF

    this doesn’t exist? Can’t find it. If i type in the URL or click on a link it just sends me back to TTMIK Live

  • 이거 뭐지 ㅎㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁ