Top Scorers of December 2011 at!


Thank you all for studying with us here and also using to get your Korean sentences corrected! We are giving away prizes to the top scorer for each month at HaruKorean, and as promised, for the month of December, we are going to invite TWO people to fly to Korea for free.

The prizes should never be the main reason for studying at HaruKorean and we hope they work as a small motivator for people who spend a lot of time on HaruKorean. We are happy to announce the winners for December 2011 today! Congratulations to the winners who are going to visit Korea and we are looking forward to seeing you here in Seoul!

We are also giving flight tickets to the top two score holding teachers to visit Europe. Thank you and congratulations!

After December, as we announced in November, we are going back to the regular prize system, but when HaruKorean becomes more successful, we will try to give back more to our users. Thanks once again for studying with us and supporting our websites!

하루코리안의 12월 최고득점자를 발표합니다!

12월에는 특별히, 학생들에게는 한국 여행의 기회가, 그리고 선생님들에게는 유럽 여행의 기회가 걸려 있어서 더 많은 분들이 열심히 활동을 해 주신 것 같습니다. 정말 감사합니다.

가장 많은 활동으로 최고득점을 하신 두 분의 선생님께 상품을 드리겠습니다.

1월부터는 예정대로, 기존의 상품으로 다시 돌아가게 되는데, 앞으로 하루코리안 가입자가 더 늘어나고 많은 분들이 활동을 하시게 되면 더 많은 것을 돌려 드리고자 합니다. ^^

최고득점자는 이미지와 아래 링크를 통해서 확인해 주세요.
최고득점자들에게는 개별적으로 연락을 드리겠습니다.

Rankings for December, 2011

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  • gbb333

    Oh my god, this is so huge~! Thank you forever for this amazing prize! I’ll definitely keep on studying with HaruKorean now. I didn’t think it would happen so fast, but after a month of intensive study at HK it has become a lot easier for me to express myself in Korean. I think I really have to keep it up. There’s still a lot of work to do though, but I’m motivated to keep on learning Korean ^^ 그리고 계속 저를 도와 주시는 선생님들께 많이 많이 감사드립니다.

    • Congratulations!! 😀
      I’m glad to hear you got lots of help from for your Korean studying!! 정말 축하해요! ^^

    • Samier

      Congratulations! 😀

      I’m so glad you learned a lot of Korean ^^

      축하해요~ ^^

    • Arkan

      congratulations. I’m preparing for my exam period these days at the university, and I’ll start at HaruKorean in March hoping to win like you, I’m living to that day I go to korea and be able to talk in korean with real korean people. FIGHTING.

  • Holy Crap this is HUGE!!!

  • 너무 유익한 사이트를 만드셨네요.
    자격이 되는지 모르겠지만, 적극 선생님으로 참여 하겠습니다.
    이 좋은 서비스를 어플(앱)으로 만들어 앞으로 많은 스마트기기 사용자들이 이용하게 되었으면 좋겠습니다. 어플개발자로서 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

    Happy New Year!

  • Dima

    WOW CONGRATZ! *_* I really wanted to compete but university work kept me from doing that!!!
    What’s next month’s prize by the way? xD