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안녕하세요! We are very happy to see that a lot of people are already using! Thank you so much also for all the feedback and suggestions! We are working hard on applying some changes to the site and improving the overall functionality of HaruKorean. In the meanwhile, we wanted to introduce the monthly prizes we are giving to the top scorers at, so please check it out! You are awesome!

  • OMG!!!!! O_O I really want to particpate but I’m having problems paying with payPal! Please let us pay by bank transfer?? I don’t want to miss the trip T_T

    • So after looking for someone with a Paypal account this whole day, I finally found one and subscribed! 😀 YAY!
      I’ll work hard on Harukorean~!

    • Wow. Thanks! : )

  • Chris

    I guess a beginner doesn’t have a chance to win the trip?

    • This Just In

      Everyone has a fair chance.

      The sooner you start, the easier it will be!

    • It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not. The lessons on there start from beginners level and because I’m studying level 5 I try and make my sentences fit my own level instead of what is on the site. However, if you are at beginner level it means that you are getting support right from the beginning of your learning and if you practice a lot you will be able to progress quickly. The only thing you can do to try and win is write a lot of practice sentences and anyone learning Korean is able to do that there, no matter what level you are ^^.
      많이 연습 하면 크리스씨도 할 수 있어요. 화이팅~

  • Chris

    That’s true but the ones who already know how to make sentences and know a fair amount of Korean have a big advantage!

    But of course they have worked for their knowledge 🙂

    • This Just In

      The challenges are equal for both.

      For beginners, they must invest time learning a subject they love.

      For advanced students, they need to find a way to expand on the basic lessons so they continue to feel challenged and receive value. HaruKorean isn’t about doing the bare minimum, it’s about being able to do beyond your maximum and find support within reach.

      Advanced students “too good to practice” will probably have little chance of winning the prize.

      Short term, the prize will tend towards the people who can invest the time now.

      Long term, your prize, the knowledge you gain, is forever yours and can’t be taken away. What you’ll gain from joining, a group who truly cares about your education is worth more than you could ever pay.

  • Karla

    I like, but I will start only after the level 3, I am in level 2 yet.
    Wait to me.

    • This Just In

      I think there is plenty for you at to take advantage of, even at level 2 or 3.

      Good food is more than just ingredients. It’s the technique behind how you combine and cook it that makes the difference between burnt toast and a gourmet meal.

      HaruKorean isn’t just about doing level 1 sentences on level 1. It’s about checking if what you think you know about level 1 still works when you combine and mix it with level 2, 3, 4 and 5.

      And the best part, when you fail, a level 99 native is there waiting to catch you.

      We’ve all heard people with broken English because they never truly got a chance to practice and have their mistakes corrected. They studied all the way to English level 10, but they missed a vital ingredient called “interaction”.

      This is your chance to learn with interaction. Your chance to see how things really go together.

      Give it a shot. The biggest thing you stand to lose are your unanswered questions.

  • One thing I’m curious about! I wanna know if they are REALLY going to give those gifts really to a winner ? or is it just a way of publicity ?
    long time ago .. they said they would send postcards and map of korea to people who send their emails and I did send an e-mail and got nothing .. okay maybe there were too much people, after that comes the Hangeul day event and me & my friend were sponsors .. we were supposed to get framed pictures .. but again we haven’t got anything … no problem, we were not anticipating the framed pictures/ paintings as much as we wanted to share our pics in the hangeul day …. But really ? An All inclusive trip & expensive camera ?!!!
    sorry but it’s just I can’t help but notice that things don’t happen as advertised …

    • Hey 예림 씨, Hyunwoo here.

      To answer your question, yes, this is going to be done transparently and the top scorers will be posted and get the prizes.

      And the postcards – just like you said there were too many people who sent in their emails so I ran out of all the postcards. (And it had nothing to do with talktomeinkorean – I just did it on my personal youtube channel.)

      And for the Hangeul day event, the exhibition was also my personal (experimental) project (which turned out better than I had expected), and it’s my personal responsibility and I’ve been super busy with the preparations of HaruKorean so I couldn’t take care of the follow-up sooner, so I apologize (and I’ll get the follow-up actions done soon!), and the Hangeul day event over here was giving people Korean names, which we worked really hard on and did.

      We made HaruKorean to really make it possible for learners to become as fluent as you are already in Korean and the prizes are just there to make it more fun for everybody. And the results will be shown to everyone.

      One question, are you really the 예림 씨 I know? 🙁 Because if it’s really you, you would know that I did the postcard thing even BEFORE existed… T.T

  • 씨제이

    언제 저는 돈을 있어요 그리고 배우기Paypal. 저 자신만만한 Haru Korean 시작할거예요.TTMIK 선생님 많이 감사합니다.

    Both sites looks awesome so far. I’m also glad its beneficial to you all business wise too. This site has grown so much and I hope for it to grow even further. I bet it feels really good to be part of this experience and see how much and how far this has come. Best of luck and I pray for you all and everyone else

  • 현우 씨! 방해해줘서 죄송해요 ㅜ.ㅜ
    I didn’t mean to upset you, I just was so confused and because I really like you guys I wanted to know why I was awkwardly treated…. many times my friends online (facebook, twitter, youtube) tell me about a new video or contest or event.. they tell me to join and I do … they send questions and go to events and you share pictures with those people and you reply to them and many times I don’t … at first I thought I wasn’t the only one.. but then I found most of the people are getting replies … =((

    and Yes I’m 예림 the one that you know … I know you for long enough so that I can exchange messages, emails and comments and get replies… I participate like my friends does. I deserve a fair opportunity… but I felt left out and ignored! T.T … so that’s why I kept on wondering …

    • & yeah I’m the Reem that you know but you were not the Hyunwoo that I knew. Honestly I felt awkward and it really bothered me because I thought I would have a warmer entrance to participating with the TTMIK team, since we had communication all these years. I wonder if I have ever offended you in any way ?

    • 예림 씨, I apologize for making you feel thst way. But I don’t know how we mistreated you.

      I was very happy to meet you and we talked a lot when we met. I thought you had a good time here in Korea. I watched the videos you made and shared them with people around me, and really liked the presents you gave me when you stopped by LanguageCast for the last time. I am sorry that I didn’t reply to everything and that is my mistake.

      I just didn’t know I was making you feel left out. I will do better in the future because I think of you as a good friend TalkToMeInKorean is a team and not me personally so please don’t judge them by what I make you feel. I am sorry.

  • I think I’m going to sign up for HaruKorean before December. But I have one problem. I’m already in Korea, so does that mean that if I won the most points for December that I would not receive any prize (like it would go to the next highest point winner). Or could I receive a different prize? Its just I think that the trip to Korea is an awesome motivation for learning Korean (above and beyond purely enjoying the language) but what can be my motivation if I’m already in Korea? I think it would be great if you would let those of us who already in Korea know what your plan is, in case a person living in Korea wins the prize!

    • Thanks for the question, Michael : )

      First of all, we are going to give a prize to the top scorer every month, so even if you don’t win in December, we hope the monthly prizes will still give you motivation (of course, the pure motivation coming from wanting to speak the language better is the best!).

      In case someone who is already in Korea wins the first place, we will be flexible with the prize and send that person overseas or have him/her invite someone to Korea 🙂

    • 현우선생님 감사합니다
      Inviting someone else to Korea is an excellent idea!

  • Phil

    Dear team,

    the pure math shows that the one reader with the most “perfect” sentences will win! It is not helping anyone studying at all, if people are incentivized to write “perfect” sentences (basically by rote or by what they know or can make up error-free) on Haru Korean instead of advanced, but error-prone sentences that actually fit to their situation or challenges! That is the way that I handle it and will continue to handle it. But the point system right now (just concerning this last point option) incentivizes the wrong thing: Not making mistakes!

    But not making mistakes doesn’t help anyone learning Korean.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • This is my question too. I try to write sentences that will challenge myself but if I were to do this just for the prize, which I’m guessing a lot of people will do and it will be extremely competitive, I would probably have a much higher chance of winning seeing as I would constantly write sentences that I know would get ‘Perfect!’s.

      Then again I’m guessing it would be extremely difficult to tell who is improving the most or something like that.

      I love harukorean and will keep using it as long as I can afford it but it seems like if I’m using it the way I am, I will have no chance on earth to win a prize even if I use it a lot more often than the person who does.

    • Phil,

      In fact, it’s actually not that simple. We encourage making mistakes and you win the same score when you get a correction on your sentence as when you get a “perfect” approval. In fact, if your sentence is a good sentence regardless of whether it has mistakes in it or not, you can win +2 points for it from “Trusted Teachers” : )

  • Angelica

    I was excited about this new site and especially the prize to go to Korea. But, I feel discouraged since I am still in Level 1 and I don’t even know how to MAKE a sentence. I don’t understand the sentence structure yet or know enough vocabulary to build sentences. There is also the formal and informal. I will not give up but, it is very difficult. 🙁

    • Panda

      I second what Angelica says.
      Also, I signed up for HaruKorean as an absolute beginner, and I have found it especially difficult to write sentences because I do not yet know how to read or type Korean.

  • Melody

    To the people who are worried about if they want to try HaruKorean or not or feel discouraged about it because they’re still beginners, I strongly recommend it!

    I’m in the level 1 series and HaruKorean has been a big help to me! I made my first Korean sentences on that site! You don’t have to write the most perfect sentences and be fluent in Korean in order to use the site. Like I said, I’m a level 1 and HaruKorean is helping me a lot! You have teachers to help you if you make a mistake. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes when you first learn a language. ^^

  • Nadia

    Hi TTMIK team!

    i really enjoyed learning with TTMIK and i see that Harukorean is a great outlet for me to practice and perfect my Korean language skills. A slight room of improvement that i can see is that, whenever my sentence is corrected, i don’t really know why is my sentence is incorrect. It will be beneficial if the reasons are stated…(just an opinion though)

    good luck with your future projects!

  • Sarah

    The December prize is an amazing prize. I can’t imagine how you can do all that, but I’m sure the person who wins will be very thankful! Perhaps I should upgrade and get going!

  • Cameron

    When will the HaruKorean scoreboard feature be available? I’m curious to see the top scorers and how many points they earned.