Interview #11 – Clara Polydoro

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In this Interview episode at TalkToMeInKorean, Hyunwoo sat down with Clara Polydoro from Brazil to listen to Clara’s stories about her life here in Korea as a full-time university student at Ehwa Woman’s University.

Clara Polydoro

  • Albert

    I need some advice from you. It is good to go to Korea and live in there with low understanding on Korean language? (my Korean language just beginner).

    I’m just curious with that.

    • Clara

      Well, that REALLY depends what you gonna do in Korea. Just “live-for-fun”? work? study? And also depends where you gonna work, and where/what you gonna study, where you gonna live. What I can say to you is that when you come to study here as an exchange student know a little or nothing about Korean language is totally fine. To be a full time student,well, you can try -after all, I did this- but I must say: It’s really, REALLY hard. Specially if you are a scholarship student. Since you have a really short time to graduate, you must be concious that it’s necessary to give up about many cool things for a looong time( like social life, hobbies,travel,etc ) and just jump into the studies…and that even with all efforts sometimes the results will not be the ones you deserve to. Many people give up. :(
      Anyways, it’s up to you. If you wanna come, just come ! But just have in mind that is not all easy as you think depending on your situation ^^` good luck!

  • Cindy

    well done Clara. Hyunwoo, I enjoy listening to the recorded candid interviews. makes learning more interesting and insightful. also, it gives me a peak into the place where i was born and how life is there especially for students. i have very little memory of Korea since my last visit was in high school and now that i’m in my forties, i plan to take my daughter soon. thank you both and thank you ‘talk to me in korean’ for giving me the motivation to swing back into liking the process of learning hangeul.

  • Djou

    Great to hear you Clara !
    Clara is a young genius ^^
    I’m sorry I never could come to TTMK meetings…
    But i’ll keep listening to you all from Prague.
    I’ll leave a peace of my heart in Seoul.

    • Clara

      Awww so thanks Djou .< but well, the world is small,how we know that, so I`m sure we gonna meet again in Prague or France (métro parisien, où tout est possible :P !) or Korea! Good luck on your new life, and send hugs to 연호 ;)

  • Grisha Anuhin

    Hello Clara ! ^_^ was nice to hear an interview from you.
    I have a question
    Soon I’m going to Korea for 5 weeks.
    I’m gonna meet friends and travel, but I would like to study too.
    My question is Do I can join some group in order to study.
    Not University, something short. ))

    • Clara

      Hello :) thank you! I`m happy that you liked it^^

      I`m not sure about study groups. But I know that you can practice your korean at Languagecast with me, the TTMIK guys and a bunch of people every monday!

      Hope to see you there!

  • Ruxandra

    Hey..Gi..i just checked your interview. it’s so cool :) like it! ^^

    • Clara

      thank u roomie! :D

  • JM

    Although I am older and American, I can completely relate to Clara. I have been trying to learn Korean for 3 years (self-taught mostly with help from Korean friends) and progress is very slow and it’s a bit discouraging (minimal exposure to native speakers, little spare time to study, terrible at memorizing/retaining vocabulary, don’t like listening to K-pop, etc.). But this new-found website has given me a renewed interest (and hope)!

    Just curious – How much time per day did/do you spend learning Korean?

    Much thanks to all at TTMIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Clara

      Hello :)

      well…at school during normal semester the classes were during 3,4 hours or something like that (bad memory >.<). During summer and winter school, the double! Plus at home,after school…well, it really depends how long the homework was !

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Ana Gomes

    OMGGGGGGG! A BRAZILIAN! MY GOD! IS REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE! Ok, sorry for my outbreak. It is the animation took care of me. : ( Annyeonghaseyo Clara, my name is Ana Clara, have something in common at least. And who knows, in the future I do not speak Korean well. hehe And I have an aunt who lives in Germany.. Heck, my dream is to attend in Korea. I’m so happy and proud for you.

    • Clara

      hahaha OI quase-chará :)
      Thank you! I hope you can come to Korea one day! ^^

  • Audrey


    Clara, whoa, tu dois traduire tes livres en français à chaque fois? Ca doit te demander bien du travail. Tu dis que les cours sont très peu dispensés en français ce n’est pas trop pénalisant pour ton apprentissage de la langue? Bon, l’avantage c’est que tu améliores ton coréen ;)

    Comme l’a dit 현우씨, si les profs ne parlent pas vraiment la langue ça doit, en effet, être un sacré casse-tête! Quand on étudie une langue étrangère il est important de pouvoir la parler.

    J’ai écrit en français: ça vous oblige à travailler! ;)
    Si jamais vous (et n’importe qui d’autre qui passe et qui apprend le français) avez des questions ou quelque chose avec laquelle vous avez du mal, je serais ravie de vous aider :)

    Clara bon courage pour tes cours!

    • Clara

      Merci pour le comment en français hahaha

      Ouiii,je perds beaucoup de temps pour préparer tout le matériel TT ! Et oui, on peut dire que l’apprentissage des langues ici est trop faible – C’est pour ça que la plupart des étudiants vont dans un pays francophone étudier pendant deux semestres ou plus. Mais j’ai toujours des amis francophones pour m’aider ici – dans mon cas alors, parler ce n’est pas un grand problème haha ^^

      Merci et bon courage à toi… bien, à nous! hahaha

  • Mollye

    Wow, i’m so impressed ^^ i want to go to the Underwood International College thats part of Yonsei University…even though its taught in english, i’m still working hard to learn korean. Thanks for the interview and continue to do well :D

  • Kiko

    Oi Clara, tudo bem? Gostei muito do seu interview! Sou americano, casado com mineira, aqui nos estados unidos. Falo portugues com segunda lingua, nao falo perfeitamente mas eu tento. E vc, fala cuantas linguas, cinco? Seis? Sua ingles e muito bom menina!
    Agora eu estou estudando koreano e gosto demais! Este site TTMIK e bom pra caramba. Boa sorte com seus estudos, e aparece mais aqui se o Hyunoo Sun permite!

    • Clara

      Olá tudo bem e com você? Você parece falar muito bem português ^^ Eu falo 7! hhaha português , italiano, inglês, espanhol, francês, coreano, e um pouco de japonês =)
      Obrigada! Eu gosto muito de aprender,estudar e falar inglês! tento melhorar sempre!
      Ah, muito obrigada! Boa sorte com o seu coreano também! haha o Hyunwoo não aguenta mais me ver na verdade =P mas se ele permitir, voltarei sempre que puder!


  • noopie

    Hi Clara and Hyunwoo! This is my first time listening to interview section in TTMIK, and I enjoyed it very much! TTMIK thank you so much for making this wonderful interview. It really motivates me to learn harder.

    Clara, I’m so so so amazed with your talent! your korean is so good! your hardwork inspired me to study korean harder ^^.

    I wish I could come to Korea for holiday and speak more in korean :)

    • Clara

      Hello! Welcome to this section! ^^ Korean is really hard to learn, but all the hard work it’s really worth the effort since korean is such a beautiful language! good luck and don’t give up!
      keep dreaming and hope to see you here one day! ^^

  • Tyler Rasch

    Clara~! Awesome that you’re on here! I’m still in shock that you know Natalie and now you’re on this website. The world is getting smaller and smaller! This is so exciting!!
    FYI, I will be headed Seoul this fall for graduate school. Hopefully I can see you there~!

  • Ivo Vgun Araújo

    Clara! Representing Portuguese (and 6 other languages!), really good to know. I wonder if you actually met other Brazilians there? I know a few living around Seoul, do you hangout?

    De qualquer forma, foi bom ouvir-te aqui, não estava à espera desta surpresa :D. Sim, sou Português e Vegano (não é nada complicado) xD rsㅎrsㅎ. Bjs

    As always, good job TTMIK team \o/

    Regards – Cumprimentos~ from Portugal with <3.

    – Ivo A (Heartborne)

  • Sunny

    Oi Clara! Ahhh fique super empolgada quando vi uma brasileira na sessão de entrevistas >.<

    Seu inglês é muito bom! Fiquei impressionada (ou sou eu que falo pouco?)
    Faz um ano que tenho estudado coreano por conta propria, mas a pouco conheci o TTMIK…então só agora que passei a entender várias coisas..haha…

    Meu inglês não é muito bom, mas em questão de nivel eu entendo perfeitamente todas as apostilas do site e também 70% à 80% dos audios…como meu foco é aprender coreano, as vezes deixo o inglês de lado =/
    Queria saber se na sua opinião é necessario um nivel muito alto de fluência em inglês para começar a estudar ai?

    Eu não tenho nenhum problema com K-pop e assisto muitas novelas e filmes coreanos também (e programas de TV)…então eu me familiarizo muito ouvindo as palavras em coreano também, expressões e tudo mais..você acha que isso ajuda?

    Espero sua resposta!

  • Mike Parker

    대박이네.. fiquei surpreso ao saber que uma brasileira está estudando na 이대.. por enquanto eu estou utilizando (독습으로) os livros delas para aprender a língua sozinho.. tem alguma utilidade mas ás vezes acabam parecendo um pouco repetitivos. eu moro meio longe da seoul daí apesar de ter estudo muito e conseguir um nível mais ou mesmo suficiente pra rolar uma conversa legal, o povo aqui pelo visto (nem todos mas bastante) tá bem fechado aos gringos aí fica complicado né.. todavia daqui a pouco vou mudar pra mapo-gu pra fazer o curso da sogang.. espero que der proveito, pois eh bem mais caro que estudar sozinha rs.
    ah por sinal não sou brasileiro mas fiz um semestre de intercâmbio na PUC do rio uns anos atrás.. desde então raramente falo a língua aí queria dar uma tentativa ㅋㅋ
    bom, boa sorte na sua vida coreiana~~



  • Elise Kate

    I agree about k-pop and it being quite easy to understand haha ^^.
    Clara seems really talented to learn so many languages. 선현우씨 처럼~

    I have a question about studying Korean at a Korean university. Do you know what they usually ask for (what qualifications?) I’m applying for one next year (not sure which yet) but hardly any of them say on the websites so I wondered if you knew ^^.

    Also, I like your tumblr haha :)

  • http://Yahoo Cassy

    You’re really good!

  • Hannah Pinky Gilbert

    yay! go vegans!

  • Bushra

    Hey Clara and Hyunwoo,
    I have tried watching the interview and it keeps saying “file not found” otteokhe?!

  • giovanna

    hey clara is it truth u are italian? and that u do charity? and u are vegan? and u speak SEVEN languages? or are those all lies? because there is a rumor going on that u are a pathological liar…so who knows if u are really doing all that =/