Iyagi #110 / 굴욕적인 기억 / Embarrassing memories / Natural talk in 100% Korean

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What is your most embarrassing memory/moment? Do you still feel embarrassed thinking about it? In this Iyagi Episode, 윤아 and 석진 talk about their embarrassing memories. Enjoy!

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    I’m waiting until this one gets fully translated to be able to be bought at mykoreanstore.com haha,,, always wait!! By the way, i have question. What does 그냥 불렀어 mean?? Does it have anything related to the verb 불리다? Thank you in advance for your clarification.

    • Hi, Bnenz!

      그냥 = just, for no apparent reason, just because
      부르다 = to call, to address (someone)

      So, you can imagine someone ask you “Why did you call my name?” and you can answer “그냥 불렀어. (Just because.)”

      Hope it helps! ^^

  • Wisal Hojirat

    사실은 저 굴욕적인 기억들이 많이 있어요. 2년 쯤 전에, 제 학교에서 남자 화장실에 들어갔어요. 남자 화장실과 여자 화장실 변경 됐는데, 제가 몰랐거든요 . 아무도 없었는데, 그래도 제가 너무 부끄러웠어요. ><
    [선생님들, 제가 잘못하게 썼으면 말씀해 주세요]
    [Teachers, please tell me if I wrote incorrectly)

    정말 재미있는 이야기였습니다. 감사합니다 ^^