Iyagi #76 / 선배 & 후배 / Senior & Junior / Natural Talk in 100% Korean

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Do you know that there is a strong relationship between seniors (선배) and juniors (후배) in Korea? In this Iyagi episode, 석진 and 경은 talk about the 선배 and 후배 relationship. Is it the same in your country? Enjoy listening to natural talk in 100% Korean.

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  • Good to know about that.

    • It is funny when 경은 says “왜 그러세요, 진짜”


  • sanggojae

    i was thinking that age is important to say sunbae. thanks kyeung eun and seok jin teachers for this yagi lesson. 🙂

  • 한국과 일본은 다 “선배”를 자주 쓰죠~
    한국에서 학교하고 회사는 이런 호칭을 다 쓸 수 있는 것같아요.
    옛날에 제가 본 어떤 한국 드라마중에 여자 주인공은 매날 퇴근 시간에 좋아하는 선배한테 “선배!같이 가!”고 말했어요…그 장면이넘 재미있었어요~