Iyagi – Stress – Natural Conversations in Korean

여러분 ‘이야기’ 시리즈 재미있게 듣고 계신가요? Iyagi is one of the most popular series on our website, and with Iyagi, you can listen to a lot of natural-speed conversations between two Korean people. We have published over 140 Iyagi episodes so far, and we are currently working on more. Before, we tried and offered various forms of e-book, but over time, we’ve unified the format and we are now offering translation e-books again.


This package contains 5 episodes of Iyagi:

  1. Priority Seats
  2. Bookstore
  3. Stress
  4. Girls’ Chitchat
  5. Attractive Men

Get the transcript + translation e-book 

You can listen to the audio track below, and when you purchase the e-book, you will also receive the downloadable mp3 audio files in your e-mail. You can get the e-book here: http://goo.gl/gA0Y5r


Get the free Anki vocabulary deck

You can also download a free Anki vocabulary deck that contains all the major words that are introduced in these five episodes of Iyagi: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2026888355

Episode #1

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Episode #5

Thank you for studying with us! 오늘도 한국어 재미있게 공부하세요!

  • Brian Boyle

    Favorite Series on your website, really looking forward to some new Iyagis!!!

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much!

  • koenshaku

    Your link is broken for the book

    • Seokjin Jin

      I fixed the link. Thanks for letting us know that. 🙂

    • Li Jie

      Hi, Seokjin. I cannot acess the link either. Is there any link where I can purchase the e-book? Thanks!

  • Julia 벽산

    I suggested that the Vocabulary list divided according to the episodes. I have bought an Episode #2 before. I think it is not difficult to put it back into individual episodes. As now, I am reading episode #1, the vocabulary list is not very useful as having 155 terms on it, it’s hard to know whether the word I want to find is on the list or not before I look it up in the dictionary. Thank you.

    • Julia 벽산

      I think I have deleted this comment … why show up again. ==””

  • Julia 벽산

    I would prefer the vocabulary list is separated into individual episodes. As for now, the list is so long to search, though I know it is listed according to the first consonant of each word. I feel dizzy after checking for 3 or 4 vocabulary under 155 choices.
    And then, I try to use it reversely, I look up through the English meaning to search for the Korean word, it’s more easy although the list is still long.
    Don’t know how the other learners feel about it?

    • Hạnh Jerry

      벽산 씨,안녕하세요?hello,there.nice to meet you here,ttmik.i am a korean learner.i have been learning this language for 3months.how about you? To be honest,i wanna chat with korean learner or native people in korean.but i fail to do this.if u dont mind,make friend with me on facebook or skype and we will practice together.이야기합시다! 고마워요 .

  • Kim Ngân

    I want to understand Korean news video so you can make Korean subtile for news video like sbs news, mbc new sand so on ? I wanna both learn new words and improve listening skill through Korean news video. I am so happy if you can do it for me as well as other learners. Thank you