K-Block Giveaway Entries


Thank you so much everyone for participating in the K-block Giveaway! The deadline was the 25th of June, and we’ve received a lot of creative and beautiful entries from all over the world. Here are the entries and we will announce the winners, as scheduled, on the 1st of July, 2012. 감사합니다!

(If you missed what this giveaway is about, here’s a video we posted three weeks ago.)

▼▼ And below are the entries. ▼▼

(If you don’t find your entry below, don’t worry! Just leave us a comment with the original link of your picture, and we’ll find it!)

Julia Yazbek

Jenn Doan

Emma Nobles

Quentin Moeskops

Marlena Gwynn McDaniel

Julie Vo BJ

Andreia Soares

Mariana Med


Katrin Tuude

Tasha Melendez

Oso D’Cat

Fermo Suson

Annika Sippel

Aesha Moallim

Federica Moscuzza

Joel O’neil

Thomas E. Yonan

Guillaume Teyssou

Ashley Sheaffer

Ashley Sheaffer

Savannah Moyer

Alexandros Raptakis

Angel Baul

Angel Baul

Jec Sen

Emily Tatro

Ngoc Nguyen

Lottie Loli Haslam

Neilson June Alejo Valdez

Airie Pijano

Airie Pijano

Nikhakimah Abdullah

Nikhakimah Abdullah

Heidi Deal

Melek Hsairi

Nikhakimah Abdullah

Nikhakimah Abdullah

Jessica Lockette

Jessica Moscuzza

Gabriela Conde

Liisa Grace Orav

Terrence Lew

Elisha Ross

Josean Guz

Nat Asya

Marniey Rueskynn

Marniey Rueskynn

Sam Kapper

Hannah Lamprea

Luis Perez Medina

  • Chen
    • http://twitter.com/ever4one Hyunwoo Sun (선현우)

      The page says that the content is unavailable T.T

  • http://jewelpink.wordpress.com jewelpink

    Wow!! They are all so beautiful its gonna be hard for you guys to choose isn’t it..

  • Maeva

    Oh thats such a shame I didnt see this event, I would have been happy to do it :/
    But congrats for those who participate, great inspiration ;)

  • Jenn
    • http://twitter.com/ever4one Hyunwoo Sun (선현우)

      Thanks!! ^_^ We saw it when you posted it but must have skipped it when we posted the entries here : )

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neilson-June-Alejo-Valdez/100000355745046 Neilson June Alejo Valdez

    WOW,, I’m still in??? I can’t believe it!!! O_O
    감사합 니다..^_^

  • http://kimchigarden.blogspot.com.au/ Kpopmum

    The entries are all very good. I know the team are going to have a tough time finding the winners. Good luck competitors!

  • lorraalona

    I can finally see all entries! I knew about this contest but I lack creativity to make one. Anyway, for me, I can see 5 entries that look stunning and creative at first look in random order.

    :::Thomas E. Yonan- Ashley Sheaffer- Fermo Suson- Jessica Moscuzza- Neilson June Alejo Valdez:::

    I hope they’ll get picked! Goodluck to all and more powers TTMIK! :)

  • Elisha Ross

    I see mine! I hope I can win >.<
    Everyone has done such cool things!
    안녕 ~

  • http://Facebook.com/yesiloveyou Tasha Melendez

    So who won?

  • 베키

    Who won in the end??? ^^