Catch The Wave – 충분히 많이 먹었어요 + K-Pop Lyrics

Catch The Wave is a radio show that airs on Arirang Radio every day at 6PM KST, featuring many guests including Hyunwoo. On Fridays, Hyunwoo joins Adrien Lee, the host of the show, for the second half of the show at 7PM to introduce a useful Korean survival phrases, introduce a Korean song through its lyrics, play an audio clip sent in by a listener (which can be you!) and also answer some questions in real time. You can listen to the live shows as well as the recorded shows at or watch recorded videos a couple week after each episode has been aired. This video is the recording of the show that aired on January 30, 2015. Enjoy!

  • Cee

    Haha the ‘have you eaten rice?’ part is the same with us Chinese. We ask each other that practically everyday with the implied meaning of ‘Have you eaten?’, even if very few of us still have rice for breakfast nowadays. In fact most of the younger generation don’t even have it for lunch anymore- for them it’s almost exclusively dinner food. Still, though, we still say things like, “Let’s go eat rice.” with the implied meaning of “Let’s eat out together.” xD