Learn Korean Words with K-Pop – 얼음들 (Melted) – Akdong Musician


Hello everyone! I’m back with another post on learning Korean words from K-pop! 🙂 

Today’s lesson is based on the song ‘Melted’ by brother-sister duo, Akdong Musician. 🙂

‘Melted’ is the second title song released from their debut album, Play, and the Korean title (얼음들) directly translates to ‘ice’ in English.

As the Korean phrase for ‘adults’ (어른들) is similar in pronunciation to ‘ice’ (얼음들), ice is used as a metaphor in the song to describe the coldness of adults and the harsh reality of the ‘real world’ that they inhabit.

The duo’s voices, accompanied by the haunting piano and strings melody, never fail to give me chills every time I listen to this song, which is my favourite out of the three title songs released from their debut album. 

In the chorus, they sing ‘얼음들이 녹아지면 조금 더 따뜻한 노래가 나올텐데’.

Dissecting this line, we get:

  • 얼음 – ice
  • 들 – (plural)
  • 녹다 – to melt
  • 조금 – a little
  • 더 – more
  • 따뜻하다 – to be warm
  • 노래 – song
  • 나오다 – to come out

Basically, this line means that if the ice melts, a warmer song will come out. 

The next line in the chorus is ’얼음들은 왜 그렇게 차가울까 차가울까요’. 

Dissecting this line, we get:

  • 얼음 – ice
  • 들 – (plural)
  • 왜 – why
  • 그렇다 – to be like that
  • 차갑다 – to be cold
  • ~(으)ㄹ까요 – questioning ending

In this line, the siblings are basically lamenting over the coldness of the world, by questioning why is the ice (adults) so cold. 

In his rap, Chan-hyuk says ’어른들 세상 추위도 풀렸으면해’.

Dissecting this line, we get:

  • 어른 – adult
  • 들 – (plural)
  • 세상 – world
  • 추위–the cold/coldness
  • 도–also
  • 풀리다– to become untied/loose
  • ~(으)면– if
  • 하다– to do

In the line, he is basically wishing that the coldness present in the adult world would be gone, that it would be good if the adult world loses its coldness.

Following which, the next line is ‘얼었던 사랑이 이젠 주위로 흘렀으면해’. 

Dissecting this line, we get:

  • 얼다– to freeze
  • 사랑 – love
  • 이제 – now
  • 주위 – surrounding
  • ~로 – into
  • 흘리다 – to shed
  • ~(으)면 – if
  • 하다 – to do

Following off the previous line, he wishes that the love that has been frozen would melt into its surroundings, that it would be good if the love in the hearts of adults that have been frozen (due to the coldness of the world) will be melted, and replaced with warmth. 

All in all, this song has great lyrics, and I really admire the talented 17-year-old Chan-hyuk for writing lyrics with such wonderful meaning behind them, as well as composing the song!


Do listen to the song if you have not already listened to it! 🙂 That’s all for today’s lesson, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading. 🙂 

Do leave a comment to let me know what you think about today’s lesson, as well as any songs you would like me to go over in the future. 🙂

 This blog post is written by our new intern, Clarisse.
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Learn Korean Words with K-Pop – 얼음들 (Melted) – Akdong Musician
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    그런데 좋은 생각이 있어요. 아마도, 가사하고 수업 링크를 덧붙이는 게 좋을 것 같아요. 그리고 “ㄹ텐데” 수업이 없어요.

    수고 하셨어요!

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    I love learning through songs, the music makes it easier to repeat, revise, remember the words!


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