Interactive Korean Quiz #2


Welcome to our 2nd Interactive Korean Quiz!

* Tip: It would be easier for you to enjoy the video if you first let the video load before playing the quiz.

Did you get all the answers right and see the bonus video?

Hope you did! 감사합니다!

Watch Quiz #1 here

  • Sasan

    OHHH !
    Finally I`m First in comment !

  • I can’t somehow click on the 토 끼 in the last question, it takes me to a youtube link.

  • Doris

    It’s sad that I can’t see the page of Youtube….T.T

  • There seems to be something wrong with the video. It would intermittently stop on it’s own. Then when one is answering it would try to bring you to a different link which doesn’t fully open.

    • well, yes you are majayo ^^
      the video here is quiz formatted in the way where if you dont know the answer to a question, wait and it will stop. you just have to press play again to continue your quiz. there is no error! on youtube, i dont know. but you can head over to the website, and there is no problem with answering questions!

      hope i helped you learn more Korean at an ease! 감사합니다,

  • Cami

    That quiz was fun! Made a few mistakes… 석진오빠’s slow-mo made me laugh so hard! XD

  • Sasan

    It`s SO good !

  • 쿠이즈를 너무 좋아해요! ^__^

  • Samier

    안녕하세요 ^^;;;

    I made a lot of mistakes in this Quiz >< But I learned a lot as well 😀

    I still don't get the currency question though ^^;;; I haven't learned how to count won yet…

  • 퀴즈 너무 재미있었어요 ^^

  • I pass the quiz! 😀
    너무 재미있었어요!
    다음 퀴즈를 기대하고 있어요!~~~

  • julia

    Wow! New Korean Quiz….
    I got all correct 아싸~~~ ^^
    Thank you so much for your hard work!
    Lots of love from Russia~

  • 아주 재미있고 유익해요!!
    선생님들은 수고하셨어요!!
    감사해요 <3

  • wah this is fun! 쿠이즈를 좋아해요 ^_^

  • 재미있었어요. 🙂

  • 지나

    yes i get all the answer ^^

  • i hope so!!

    • mary mae

      hang u nul bimnida!

  • Theresa Givans

    Please make some more!