Street Korean Episode 4 – Seoul Station (서울역) – Words You See on the Streets

This is the 4th episode of Street Korean and today Jina and Terris went to 서울역 (Seoul Station) to explore and introduce words and expressions that you can see while you are there! 서울역에서는 어떤 단어들과 표현들을 볼 수 있을까요? 지나 씨와 테리스 씨와 함께 이번 비디오를 통해서 서울역을 방문해 볼까요?

Listen to the sample of the audio commentary that accompanies our e-book for this video:

And here are some sample pages of the e-book.

streetkoreansample4-1 streetkoreansample4-2

  • Danielle Helena Marie

    I know Terris is gone now, but I hope you filmed a lot of this eps. I love watching these too. :o)

  • Gerard M M Vignes

    jina is a real sweetheart ♥