Street Korean Episode 5 – Near Seoul Station (서울역 근처) – Words You See on the Streets

This is the 5th episode of Street Korean and today Jina and Terris are exploring near 서울역 (Seoul Station) to introduce words and expressions that you can see while you are there! 오늘 비디오에서 지나 씨와 테리스는 서울역 근처를 돌아다니면서 볼 수 있는 단어들과 표현들을 소개하고 있습니다. 비디오를 통해서 함께 가 볼까요?

Listen to the sample of the audio commentary that accompanies our e-book for this video:

And here are some sample pages of the e-book.
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스크린샷 2014-10-27 오후 9.04.28

  • shokoufe

    Hello dear friends!
    I was reading sth and saw this text, could you please translate it to English for me? I would be really thanked! And I guess that some names are used in it:
    ㅈᆞㄹ튿ㅊㅁ빅ᆞㄹ슽으딮ㅎᆞㄷ츧ㅁㅅㅍㅋㄴㅅㄴㄷㅉㄴ깊ᆞㅎㅇᆞㅋㅍㅎ반ㅅㄷ줏ㅇ줒싯븣ㅅᆞㅈㅇᆞㅅㅊㅅ너ㅡㅎ츷ㅂ깃ㅈㅅㅇᆞㅅ빟ㅈㅅㅁㅋㄴㄷ튿ㅈㅇㅅㅣㄱ퍽튿 빅ᆞㄹ슽으딮ㅎᆞㄷ츧ㅁㅅㅍㅋㄴㅅㄴㄷㅉㄴ깊ᆞㅎㅇᆞㅋㅍㅎ반ㅅㄷ줏ㅇ줒싯븣ㅅᆞㅈㅇᆞㅅㅊㅅ너ㅡㅎ츷ㅂ깃ㅈㅅㅇᆞㅅ빟ㅈㅅㅁㅋㄴㄷ튿ㅈㅇㅅㅣㄱ퍽튿

  • david

    enjoy every episode, keep it up!