Top Scorers of November 2011 at!


We are happy to announce the top scorers of November 2011 at!

하루코리안이 2011년 11월 11일에 오픈한 이후, 정말 많은 분들이 가입해서 열심히 공부하고 계십니다. 물론 그 분들의 학습을 가장 많이 도와주고 계신 분들이 바로 한국어 원어민 회원으로 활동하시는 여러분입니다. 주된 목표라고 할 수는 없지만 약간의 동기 부여를 해 드리기 위해서 매월 상품을 드리고 있습니다.

최고득점자이신 Williem 씨와 Santorini 씨께서 각각, 학습자와 원어민으로써 상품을 받으시게 되었습니다. 두 분께는 11월 상품인 삼성 미러팝 MV800 디지털 카메라를 선물로 드립니다. 12월 최고 득점자 2분께는 유럽 여행 상품권을 드릴 예정이니 많은 관심 부탁 드려요!

The top scorer among the learners is “Williem
Williem has scored 488 points from 11 November, 2011 through 30 November, 2011.

The top scorer among the Korean native speakers is “Santorini
Santorini has scored 4437 points by correcting others’ sentences from 11 November, 2011 through 30 November, 2011.


The prize we have set for the month of November 2011 is a digital camera (Samsung MV800), so the winners will receive their prize soon.

Thank you so much everyone for studying with us and we are very happy to see that a lot of people are studying very hard both at TalkToMeInKorean and at HaruKorean. The prizes are just there to give you a little extra motivation for studying, so even if you don’t end up winning a prize for the month, keep on studying and make as many sentences on your own as you can!

What is HaruKorean?

  • Wow from Indonesia ! ^^

  • Cameron

    현우 선생님, I haven’t been consistently getting points for sharing sentences on Twitter. The description says you can get up to 10 points per day by sharing sentences, but most days I only get 2 or 3, or sometimes none at all.

    I wonder if other people are having the same problem.

    • Hi Cameron : ) Sorry for the confusion. That was the initial point system but we had to alter it a bit to make it fair more pore people. Right now the point system is: you can get up to 6 points through sharing and you have to wait 10 hours before it is reactivated. 🙂

  • do we need to subscribe in order to write sentences?

    • Yes : ) It’s a paid service. You can still check out the lesson curriculum and the sentences and corrections posted by other members even if you don’t subscribe 🙂

  • I am also having troubles with the points. There has been a few times that when one of my sentences were first corrected I didnt get the point. I thought it was because I was on Internet Explorer but when I went to Chrome it did it again.

    • Savannah, first of all, thank you so much for being so active on HaruKorean! You’re keeping the teachers busy 😀 (which I am very happy about)

      As far as I’m aware of, the point system is working fine, but if you didnt’ get a point for getting a correction for your first sentence of a certain lesson on that day, it will probably just take time to process that point ^^

  • congratulation williem… 윌리엄 오빠 축하해요. ^^

  • Angelica Andretti

    Congratulations to the winners!!!!!!
    My points were 32 woohoo!!!! 😀
    I will study harder!

  • Holy! Wow, I am a very lazy student it seems. O.O
    Gratz Williem and Santorini, awesome job! =0D

  • wohaa congrats from Venezuela!

  • Laurens

    Is anyone else trying to access Harukorean from China? It seems it has been blocked by the chinese government 🙁

    • Really? 🙁 We’ll check with some other listeners too. Why would they ban us? T.T

    • Laurens

      Hey Hyunwoo,

      Maybe they are afraid Korean is getting too popular and more attractive to learn than Mandarin. Or someone is working on a 山寨 version of HaruKorean?
      Didn’t mean to scare you 🙂
      I’ve checked again this morning and the problem was logging in with twitter or facebook (which are both blocked), when I log in using google it works fine!

  • GenLiu

    Congratz guys ^^
    I know I said that a lot of times before but again, HaruKorean was a great idea.
    Even me who is most likely at the intermediate level take a lot of fun making sentence and getting corrected.

    Before that when I talked to a friend or build a sentence in Korean for any other reason I just had to made the sentence without knowing if I had right or if my sentence was naturel.

    Know I can make a sentence including the thing that I doubt about and I find out a lot of interesting things.

  • Hi Hyunwoo,
    I wonder if there is a glitch.
    It shows ^0^ from writing sentences.

    31 From Lesson Check
    0 From Writing Sentences
    55 From Sharing

    • Oh yeah, the stats page needs some work ^^ But the total points are displayed correctly ^^

  • Tobi

    Congrats to the winners!
    I am far away from their score 😛

    I just wonder why I never get +2 points for a sentence?

  • jollysheep

    Why does it seem like I have to keep repeating the lessons everyday and post in order to gain points?

  • Ybarra

    When does the contest end? I’m just beginning do I have a chance of catching up to win the trip to Korea?

  • 진 동이

    와아~ 진짜 좋은 상입니다. 나도 원하고 싶어요~
    아자아자 화이팅!