TTMIK Books Are Here!


Finally! We are very happy to share this news with you. We finally have our first TTMIK books in our hands now. Ever since we launched the website,, we have been working very hard everyday (sometimes even on weekends and holidays!) to continue creating useful and interesting learning material for Korean learners around the world.

Since we started as a website based on audio podcasts and videos, we have been focusing mainly on the online material. But as more and more people started to learn Korean through our lessons, we have been getting a lot of requests from our listeners for an actual printed book that they can study with. So we decided to work on making our lessons available in book format, and through Hangul Park, one of the major publishing companies in Korea that specialize in Korean textbooks, we have published our first TTMIK book, which will be available in major bookstores across Korea in the near future, as well as in bookstores overseas after that.

Above this post is a short video we made a few weeks ago to let you know that you were working on finalizing our first book, and below this paragraph is another one that we filmed today, while we were recording for the audio CD that will go into our 2nd book (TTMIK Book Level 2).




Thank you everyone once again for all your support. We really have the best listeners/friends out of all the language teaching websites and online communities in the world! We are looking forward to bringing more books to you as well as presenting to you more and more cool projects regarding the Korean language and the Korean culture!


You can already order the first book online here:

Thank you so much everyone for so many pre-orders!


  • Michael

    This looks very good ! I’m interested but what about the contents ? Is it the same topics as the online lessons ?

  • Congratulations and I’m so exited! 감사합니다 for your free online lessons and for these books. I was planning on pre-ordering, however things with school and stuff came up (this double major thing is killing me!). I just spoke with my parents and we agreed to buy your books when you publish other levels as well. I’ll ask you for further information about ordering then.

    lots of love,
    Dilek 😀

  • ploysandy

    U-waaa thank you guys sooo much:)) i’ll try harder to learn korean!

  • Aurélie

    Hi ! I’m french and I see I can’t buy this book 🙁
    Do you know if I’ll can, maybe ?

    You are still really helpfull for me and I would thank you 🙂
    Kamsahapnida !

  • sararghy

    I just pre-ordered! Price is super reasonable, love it!

  • Hello ! When ordering there is the zone part,how do i know which zone am i belong?,I’m from philippines

  • Kirstie

    SOOO excited to hear you’re already working on Level 2! Since I’m in Level 8, it doesn’t really make sense to buy a book for Level 1, but I can’t wait until the later books are available!


  • resha

    wow..i’m so excited 🙂
    do you sell it in indonesia too?i hope i can find it on indonesian bookstore..not by ol shop..i think it good idea if oppa/eonni-deul will sell it in indonesia because hallyu wave in here so big.. 🙂

    • Luci

      Well, I have to agree with you eonni 😀 I hope the price isn’t too high for my budget..

    • yiippi

      yeah me too.. hope i can find in indonesia bookstore soon. we hope so.
      jakarta-yogyakarta indonesia

  • Jackeline

    I have a question, what about CentralAmerica? how can i order the book? can you help me? Thank you, this book is a reward of effort, dedication, what an amazing work you made, look how much this Proyect has grown! congratulations

  • Angelo

    Hello Teachers about the Book?I would like to purchase but is it available for shipping in Shanghai?i currently live and work here and im also taking up korean lessons whenever i can aside from listening to your podcast everyday. I believe this will really help a lot in my studies.

  • I would like to purchase it but what is its price for pakistan region?

  • Davide Mazzetti

    My copy of Book 1 arrived this morning. The production quality is excellent. There is enough material to be satisfying and useful without being overwhelming. Thanks to all of you for the hard work you must have put into this project. Will certainly be ordering the Level 2 when it’s available.

  • 마르얌

    It’s intresting so I ordered one today, waiting for it to arrived

  • Shirley

    It’s nice. Level 4 있으면 좋겠어요!

  • Gage

    I just got my book today, or may have come earlier, but I didn’t check the mail for a while. Anyways, I love it! It’s beautiful looking, and the content is top notch! I had been downloading all the PDFs, and while I’ll probably keep them, it’s awesome to have some portable like this! Thanks a lot for all your hard work TTMIK Team! 화이팅!

  • where can we buy this one?

  • Stella

    Wrote a review for the book! I’m a little biased because I love this site. I hope it’ll bring others looking to learn Korean here.

    • Hi, Stella! Thank you for the awesome review 🙂

  • Cayo

    Hello, guys!

    I’m from Amazon, i’m living in Manaus – Brazil. I’m going to Korea next year and i’d like to know if I can buy the book in Seoul or if I can go to your “office”!? 🙂

    • Hello Cayo,

      You can buy the book in bookstores in Korea. If you want to visit our office, please let us know before you come. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Eliza

    Annyeong haseyo. I’m from Romania. I want to let you know, that you are doing such a great job. I’m so glad that i’ve discovered You are awsome, and i’m very grateful to you. Thanks for the book. It is great…. Thanks to you, now i can speak a little bit korean. LEOMU KAMSAHAPNIDA 🙂 Fighting 🙂

  • i oreder the level 1 book but i was wondering, if there is a hangul explantion or not

  • 으아아~~대박! TTMIK 선생님은 너무고마워!! Pre-ordered my Level 2.. 사인해주게 예!!! Sign..sign..sign..♥♥
    잘한다!! 선생님은 장이에요!! Thumbs up!
    *my hangul is still a bit weak, hope there’s not much spelling mistakes!* ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Tami

    Hi TTMIK,

    I would like to purchase the level 2 korean book and also the Winnie the pooh book. Just wondering if you do combined shipping? Thank you.


  • I’m very fond in watching Korean soap in television and I am trying to learn your language. I also am a very big fan of Kpop groups like 2NE1, UKISS,BlockB ,Shinee, Girls Generation to name a few. That is why I am looking for all the tools and supplementary documents and sites which can help me learn your language and I am glad to have bumped into your site. How can I acquire your book? 이 사이트를 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다.

  • kevin

    yes yes yes I just go my TTMIK Level 2 book!! I’m soo happy 😀 It’s exactly as I expected it would be! The quality is great, the book is beautifully illustrated et avec toutes les signatures et la jolie petite photo à l’intérieur, c’est vraiment trop fort! 🙂 merci prof Sun! 감사합니다 현우 선생님!

  • hi ttmik! im planning on getting the level 3 book and……can i have a signed copy? 😀 i’d be glad ! thankyou~~

  • Anna Marie

    I wish there were direct payment methods. 🙁 Like Western Union, or LBC, or such.

  • Morne

    I have all three books so far and they are by far the best I have found for studying Korean. Love them! Huge thank you to all the teachers and those involved in making these books and online lessons. I have lived in Korea for just over 3 years now and finally I have study material that is extremely helpful and fun for learning Korean. I knew from the moment I looked at book one that this was the way to go for me! This will help me prepare for TOPIK for sure. 감사합니다.

  • bilawal

    i want to southkorea and i want to speak korean language