Korean Translation Challenge – March 20, 2013


Can you translate this into your own language?

“이곳은 문이 아닙니다. 출입문은 오른쪽으로.”


Listen to our answer here:

(Apparently, Hyojin’s time goes by more slowly than others – and she thought this was a few days ago, whereas it was just yesterday! You’ll see what we mean by listening to the recording.)

  • Huyen Trang

    This is not entrance door. Entrance door is to the right hand ! ( or go to the right to enter !? ).
    Am i right, Hyunwoo oppa?

  • Savanna

    This isn’t (this place’s) door. The entrance door is to the right.

  • Ineza nur

    Challenge! 도전!!

    This is not the door. The access door is this way =>

    In indonesian:
    Ini bukan pintu. Pintu Masuk di arah sini =>

  • Stephen

    Not here – the other way

  • kiminda92

    Ini bukan pintu masuk, pintu masuknya ada di sebelah kanan

  • Rya

    This is not the entrance door. The entrance door is on the right side.

  • Umi


  • Evita

    In Latvian:

    Šīs nav durvis. Ieeja atrodas pa labi.

  • 이곳은 문이 아닙니다. 출입문은 오른쪽으로.
    Das ist nicht die Tür. Der Eingang ist auf der rechten Seite.

    Das isch nid d’Türe. De Igang isch uf dä rechte Site.

    To nie są drzwi. Wejście jest na prawej stronie.

  • Anita

    In Hungarian:
    Ez nem ajtó..A bejárat jobb oldalon.

    • 아틸라

      Correct::) but I would translate it as:
      “Felfuggesztett ajto. A bejarat jobbra talalhato.”
      (Suspended door. Entrance to the right.)

  • Zuzana Varholova

    In Slovak ㅋㅋㅋ
    Toto nie su dvere. Dvere su napravo =>

  • Is “이곳은” pronounced like “igoteun” or “igoseun”? I probably should know that. “igoseun” sounds weird to me. I don’t know quite what the rules are.

  • Madalina

    Here’s the answer in romanian:

    Aceasta nu este o uşă. Intrarea este pe partea dreaptă.

  • 와히딘

    Indonesian :

    Ini bukan pintu, pintu masuk disebelah kanan.

  • Cynthia selempo

    In Swahili
    Huu siyo mlango.
    Kingilio ni upande wako wa kulia

    In English
    This is not the door.
    Entrance door is on your right side.

  • Ana

    in Persian(Farsi):
    اینجا در نیست! درب ورودی به سمت راست
    I hope it’s correct!

  • Mel

    in french:

    Ceci n’est pas la porte, la porte d’entrée est a droite.

  • 스페인어로:
    Esta no es una puerta. La puerta de entrada esta por la derecha.

  • 스페인어로:
    Esta no es una puerta. La puerta de entrada esta por la derecha.

    TTMIK 대박입니다 🙂

  • hestina


  • hestina


  • Cassie

    in Vietnamese:
    Không đi lối này, cửa vào phía bên phải

  • Ryan W


  • David

    No entry. Please use the right side.

    This is not a door. Please use the right side.

    Ce n’est pas le porte. Vous peut utiliser l’autre, a la droit.


    A porta de entrada não é aqui. Use a porta ao lado. (Brazilian portuguese)


    A porta de entrada não é esta. Entre pela porta à direita.

  • rachelle

    annyong haseyo,my name is rachelle i can speak korean just little bit,i want to speak korean more and more

  • Lucy

    Cái này không phải là cửa.
    Cửa vào ở bên phải.

    p/s: love this..hihi

  • mehran

    اینجا درب نیست.درب دسترسی سمت راست
    it’s the translation in persian.is it right?!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anahita