Workbook Audio Download

The audio files on this page are to be used for the “Dictation” exercises found in the Talk To Me In Korean workbooks.

If you have not yet purchased a workbook or a lesson book made by Talk To Me In Korean, head on over to to buy one to help you study more efficiently!

As always, thank you for studying with us! Enjoy :)

 Level 1 MP3 Download

TTMIK workbook-level1

  Level 2 MP3 Download


Level 3 MP3 Download


  • Jessica

    it is downloading the mp3s as word documents… i don’t know how to download as an mp3

    • Seokjin Jin

      If you click the blue texts on the each image, you can download the zipfile which includes mp3 files.

  • Eli

    How can I download to my tablet???

  • Chine

    I dont get how Im supposed to use the dictation for level 2

    • Seokjin Jin

      At the dictation section, you can see the track sign so you can play it and write it down.

    • Chine

      Thank you!